BBS 012: Top Leadership Guru, Global Business Consultant, Author, Speaker And ‘’ Contributor, Dr. Sylvia LaFair | Boomtank

BBS 012: Top Leadership Guru, Global Business Consultant, Author, Speaker And ‘’ Contributor, Dr. Sylvia LaFair

In this episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I interview Dr. Sylvia LaFair.  She has been voted one of the top 30 Leadership Gurus in 2017 – alongside Tony Robbins,  John Maxwell and Darren Hardy of Success Magazine. She is a regular contributor for, author of several award winning books available on Amazon, has led teams at Microsoft in a consulting capacity and is a renowned speaker, which includes speaking at Google. She has appeared with Kathy Lee and Hoda on The Today Show. She is the Leading Authority in Pattern Aware Leadership and owns her own global Consulting and Coaching Company, Creative Energy Options (

This interview is about entrepreneurship, leadership, the changing role of women and so much more. She is an entrepreneur with lessons to share for those whose business is consulting and/or coaching to companies, or for those entrepreneurs contemplating going that route. She shares how she transitioned from a very successful entrepreneurial, private therapy practice in Philadelphia, to owning her own global consulting and coaching company (she has a Ph.D./Psy.D in Psychology). She believes solving challenging problems is what most business is about. She talks of landing her role as a regular contributing writer with and what she recommends you do, to get started “publicly speaking”, to promote you and your business.  We talk about her success as an award winning author of several books and specifically talk about two of them: GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change  and Don’t Bring It To Work: Breaking The Family Patterns That Limit Success.









Having a window into her business world, personal insights and advice is priceless. Her life’s mission is to ensure people live lives fully and their work does not kill them. Her back story which gave rise to this mission, is tragic and compelling. You will not forget it. The outcome from it, is miracle work and she is a miracle worker.  She is a brilliant leader, fun and completely impressive!

Tune in and enjoy!

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