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BBS 019: Fast Take Friday Episode – Your Next Level

In this Friday Fast Take episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I talk about your next level.

What does exploring your next level mean? I’m not crazy about using the “f” word, which is “failure” – but let’s go with it. Is failure real or is it a pure correction – to change your direction. Oprah says failure is feedback. It points you on the correct path. How true. She says there is no such thing as failure and countless entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial authors say the same. We need to go a bit deeper however. I am going to ask you a novel question.  Are things not working because you are playing too small?  What if, the powers that be – for me you know it’s God – are not parting the seas for your business choices or actions the way you like.  Could it be because you are  choosing to remain small and invisible? What if, you will only receive the divine support you seek, once you start playing in the realm where you should be appearing? Something to ponder.

I make it a habit to say dream big, but take small incremental steps to get on your way. This is the principle of Kaizen – small steps for success and lasting change. Here is the key. Your small steps need to be brought by your biggest self. Your smaller products and smaller business offering need to be brought, with your full gusto. Take a look at something you really wish was working in your business – be it a large or small. Now ask yourself, are you putting your “all” into it, in terms of promoting YOU and IT? Are you visible? Are YOU personally out there? This your next level.

Until you play in the realm where your bigger self lives, you may not be receiving the divine support you seek. Things not working is likely “a sign”, a message to  you  to go to your next level. Once you do, then things will change. Then your efforts will be supported.

We have all heard the comfort zone talk, but let’s go a bit deeper there too. Sandy Krakowsi (you’ve may have seen her on Facebook – purple hair, multi-millionaire business women) quoted a friend of hers as saying, “I wouldn’t wish comfort on my worst enemy.” Think about what she said. Comfort is your enemy. You know your business is on the road to success, when you push yourself to personally gain exposure, to get seen. We are trained to stay comfortable; break that training to succeed. Find new comfort and joy in pushing yourself to be seen and you will succeed. Go for it consistently, day after day – make it part of your lifestyle.

If you want to become  a top hiker, you hike in the wilderness not in your own backyard. If you want to be a top sailor, you have to put your boat in the water and sail  – not splash around in a comfortable pool. How can you reach the other shore of your dreams if your boat is half on safe land and half in the water? It will go nowhere. You have to sail with your business offerings. You have to commit, full gusto to being your biggest self getting seen and getting heard – even when promoting your smallest offers. Small offers do not mean you get to play small. All parts of your business require your exposure. Muster the energy. A few little “exposure” wins can build crazy momentum. Figure out how to get a few little ones with your biggest self and go get them!

Quotes to ponder:

Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Ben Franklin

I never lose. I either win or I learn. – Nelson Mandela

When people are determined, they can overcome anything. – Nelson Mandela

Tune in and enjoy!

~ Carolyn
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