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BBS 033: Watch The First “Boomtank Business Show Rumble”!

This is a fun one! Episode 033 of the Boomtank Business Show, is  the first (video) “Boomtank Rumble”.

Today’s guests are truly sharp female entrepreneurs.

Nadine Crespo is a Leadership and Business Expert. She is scheduled to be featured in Forbes shortly as one of the hottest female entrepreneurs to watch. She is also releasing a book by the close of 2017 and will be hosting a premiere business and mastermind event in Chicago. She is a wife and mom of three from Chicago.

Hannah Dixon is a Super Digital Nomad and Online Launch Strategist. She works with busy entrepreneurs to get their online launch strategy and technology sorted, to grow and scale their businesses. She is a Launch Architect and Project Manager for those big business pieces and has expert virtual teams to support your work. She lives in parts of the Pacific Rim and throughout Europe. She also trains Virtual Assistants worldwide with her Digital Nomad Kit Programs and is recognized globally, as a Digital Nomad leader.

We talk about their success and what it takes for you to have a successful online business. We also talk about changes in the online business space and much more. Their business advice and insights for you are outstanding and priceless.

Link from show: 2016 State of Women-Owned Business Report (Commissioned by American Express OPEN)

Tune in and enjoy!


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