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Podcast Movement 2018 Fun! Honored To Be Listed As An Event Speaker

Fully honored to be listed as a Speaker for Podcast Movement (July 23rd – 26th), as a Co-Session Leader with three other great podcast show hosts. We were selected to co-facilitate a networking sub-event which was highly attended and turned out GREAT. Cannot say enough terrific things about Jared and Dan – the event Co-Founders. – This is PM 5. I went to the first PM in Dallas, a few years back. Even that one was amazing from its programs and speakers, to evening social events. It just keeps getting BIGGER and BETTER – nationally and internationally – and is so professionally done. Excited to catch up with old friends and make new ones too. NEVER forget the REAL WORLD OFFLINE. Nothing beats in person, super positive connection, enthusiasm and of course – FRIENDSHIP. None of this is out of reach for anyone who wants to do the same or something like it, in a different realm. Make a plan. Submit your best application. Start. Jump in. Really contribute. Meet others. Support others. Broaden your circle(s). – Another super event Jared Easley and Dan Franks. Put this on your calendar for next year – August 13th – 16th, Orlando, FL – PM 6!



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