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Register Now! Assertiveness Workshop For Women (UK) – London, Shrewsbury, Manchester, Birmingham

Ready to transform into a stronger, more assertive you? Read more!

Join Carolyn Cole of (USA) and Nicky Kent of (UK) for exciting February 2017 Assertiveness Workshops for Women.

Click here to learn more about workshops on February 7th in London, February 9th in Shrewsbury, February 10th in Manchester and February 16th in Birmingham.  Early Bird pricing now available.  U.S. dates on the way!

We offer an experience like no other, where you learn and practice your new skills in a supportive, caring, highly interactive, full day workshop.

Can you learn to be assertive?

You absolutely can and we show you how. Our workshops are designed by women for women, to address women’s unique assertiveness needs.

Whether you learned to be passive, were taught to put others’ needs ahead of yours, suffer from endless people-pleasing, are afraid to say “no” or simply feel you have difficulty being seen and heard, in your work and life, this is the workshop for you. We empower you to be present, visible, self-confident and to take charge. We work to eliminate the stress, frustration and personal pain that comes from not expressing what you really want to say and do. We work with you to find your true voice and have it heard. Our workshops are designed to identify and release what is holding you back, so you can break through to the new, assertive you – a you with more confidence and self-respect, doing things on your terms and commanding the respect of others. Our practical techniques, cutting-edge personal development insights and coaching, apply to your life and business situations, we cover both.

Discover your new personal power and happiness, as you transform into a stronger, better, more assertive you. Register now!

Who attends these Assertiveness Workshops?

Female entrepreneurs, self-employed women, business women, professionals, employees, managers, supervisors, women returning to employment and any woman wanting to step into a more empowered, assertive, happier life are all perfect for this workshop.

What can you expect?

Loads. We cover exactly what you need to get going and growing into a new assertive you. The day is filled with fun learning and practice sessions. We pay special attention to you, your personality and learning style. We offer both group and individual coaching, where you gain group support and our personal focus. Whether you feel introverted, extroverted or somewhere in between, we make you feel relaxed, special and help you get the job done!

What’s covered? It’s a powerful day where you will learn: 

  Why you are not currently assertive. (Hint – It’s not your fault.)
 How to remove what is blocking you from being assertive and living truthfully, in your life and work.
  The connection between assertiveness, self-confidence, self-respect, your life purpose and happiness.
 The different personality types and how best to manage them.
  Different communication styles and how best to manage them.
  How to project a more powerful image, while keeping true to you.
 Verbal and non-verbal assertive techniques and language, especially for women.
  The difference between being assertive and being aggressive.
  Active listening and its role in helping you become assertive.
  How to answer questions succinctly, to present strongly.
  How to speak your thoughts and ideas in a concise, structured, straightforward manner.
  How to accept compliments fully and stop deflecting compliments or minimizing your accomplishments.
  How to say “no” and mean it. (You are about to recover fully from chronic “people pleasing”.)
  How to stop habitually apologizing and why this is so important to do.

And There’s More … 

 Throughout the day, you will apply new assertiveness techniques through dynamic group exercises.
 Bring us your challenges, in work and life – we will help you throughout the day!
 By workshop’s end you will design your own action plan and next steps to continue your new, assertive life.
 You are likely to make new friends too!

Remember … 

The entire experience is designed to help you take charge and grow into the assertive person you can and will be!

Join us!

Click the following link to learn more about our Assertiveness Workshops, Early Bird Pricing and to REGISTER:

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Note: We also offer a dynamic, full day February 2017 Advanced Communication Skills in Dealing With Difficult People Workshop in Birmingham and now Shrewsbury! U.S. dates on the way!

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Contact Carolyn at or Nicky at for a multi-workshop pricing discount.

About the Presenters … We Are Here To Help You Be Assertive!

Carolyn Cole
Boomtank Media, LLC
Success & Professional Coach, Business Coach, Business Show Host,
Motivational & Business Speaker, OD Consultant, Attorney

Carolyn lives on the East Coast of the U.S.A. For two decades she was a highly successful Corporate (Jury Trial) Attorney for both Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Companies, working in Washington, D.C. and its Metro Area. She left that career to fully pursue her life passions. She is now a successful Certified Professional Coach, Spiritual Coach and Religious Coach. She specializes in Success Coaching (as a Personal Development Mentor) and Business Coaching. She graduated from the Johns Hopkins University School of Business, with a Master’s of Science degree in Organization Development and has been an Organization Development Consultant for over 10 years, working with leadership in major companies and organizations. She is an expert in Instructional System Design (ISD), having obtained a Graduate Certificate in that work, with a specialty in both online education and in person learning. is now her online business. Boomtank focuses on sharp female entrepreneurs and cool guys who support them. She is Founder and Show Host of The Boomtank Business Show podcast, available on iTunes and set to grow in 2017. Carolyn is passionate about empowering all women to reach their full potential and knows every women has it – it just has to be unleashed. She is also passionate about helping women finding their true voice and purpose, as she has done as a top trial attorney and Motivational Speaker. After thousands of clients and cases – and two decades in contentious courtrooms where only the masterfully assertive last and win, she now makes the case for your dreams and assertiveness. Her teaching and coaching will show you how to take charge of your life, show up for yourself, be heard and create a new, better assertive you. Get ready to go, grow and experience your personal power, like you have never felt it before!

Nicky Kent

Social Heart C.I.C.
Learning & Development Educator, Success & Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational & Business Speaker


Nicky lives in beautiful Shropshire, England, home to breathtaking views of rolling English countryside. For nearly 30 years, Nicky led Learning and Development initiatives for small to mid-size companies in the UK, for wide variety of objectives. She is now a highly sought after Business Consultant, Success Coach and Speaker. Nicky’s business is Social Heart CIC (Social, which offers a full range of her expertise including, Business Consulting for Small Businesses and Social Enterprises, Personal Development Coaching, Success Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Social Entrepreneurship Education. Nicky further specializes in the online business marketing space as an Online Digital Marketer and Social Media Strategist. She is Certified Gold Status by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) and has obtained Level 5 Certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management and is also Certified for Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS). Nicky is also a prominent Falconer, promoting social causes and education, through her Feather Perfect Falconry. You can find Nicky on days off flying her owls in beautiful Shropshire or with her incredible birds, speaking to adults and children, at educational and larger events. Her teaching and coaching will empower and embolden you. She has helped hundreds of clients reach their true potential in life and business. She is passionate about women’s personal empowerment issues and showing women how to live full, exciting lives of purpose and meaning. Get ready to experience your new personal power and assertiveness with her amazing teaching and coaching – her techniques will transform you!

About the author

Carolyn Cole


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