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BBS 033: Watch The First “Boomtank Business Show Rumble”!

BBS 033: Watch The First “Boomtank Business Show Rumble”!

This is a fun one! Episode 033 of the Boomtank Business Show, is  the first (video) “Boomtank Rumble”.

Today’s guests are truly sharp female entrepreneurs.

Nadine Crespo is a Leadership and Business Expert. She is scheduled to be featured in Forbes shortly as one of the hottest female entrepreneurs to watch. She is also releasing a book by the close of 2017 and will be hosting a premiere business event and mastermind in Chicago. She is a wife and mom of three from Chicago. Hannah Dixon is a super Digital Nomad and Online Launch Strategist. She works with busy entrepreneurs to get their online launch strategy and technology sorted, to grow and scale their businesses. – Tune in and enjoy!

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