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Time Can Never Be Redeemed …

“Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.” ― King Henry VIII

Henry was a brutal historical figure, but he got this one right.

As you start another busy week, this is a perfect time to become fully aware of how you
spend your time.

Your time is your life.

It is your time ‘bank’.

How you spend your time is how you spend your life.

If you are seeking a change, personally or professionally,

how you spend time now …

how you live your days now …

can all change, once you start placing great value on your time and how you spend it.

Once you fully accept the precious value of ‘your’ time, you will naturally start using it
more effectively – daily – to accomplish the big things sooner, not later.

You will also start reigning in that busy work schedule, realizing a fair portion of it,
involves wasted time, for one reason or another.

You will start scheduling your happiness and fulfillment, no matter how busy you are,
when both become a priority. This in and of itself, will create more change.

The internal recognition of your time’s value, divinely activates something within you to
live differently.

And you will.

Do something differently with your time this week by fully accepting its value …

and taking control of it.

– Carolyn

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Carolyn Cole, TEDx Speaker, Global Consultant, Certified Professional Coach, Attorney, Show Host of the ‘Boomtank Business Show Podcast’ (available globally). – From personal, business or professional reinventions, to mastering modern productivity and more, I help Business Executives, Business Owners and Professionals achieve the success and happiness they dream of achieving. I also expertly help companies with their Organizational, Learning, Training and Development needs. 

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