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Episode 021: Draw Your Circle Wide

In this Fast Take episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I talk about drawing your circle wide. What does this mean for you? It means, expanding you and your business.

Inspiration for this episode comes from the song, “Draw the Circle Wide” by Mark A. Miller and Gordon Light. I have altered the wording to move quickly to the gist of the song. Here it is:

“Draw the circle wide. No one stands alone; we’ll stand side by side. Now draw it wider still. No one stands alone.”

It’s such a great, caring message. In this episode, I explore what it means to you. In short, it means make new choices to draw your circle wide. I’m not talking about adding 5,000 more Facebook friends. I’m talking about just being more open – let yourself run wide – let yourself live – go live your dreams – business and personal!

It’s all about living your BIGGEST self, for your purpose here and to help others. Reach out to them – include them – and get your messages and business offers heard. Live your life backwards. Know now, how you really want “to have lived” your life – then get out there – and go get it!

Tune in and enjoy!

~ Carolyn
Chief Life Officer (CLO) of Boomtank.com

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