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Episode 022: Re-Purpose Your Content, Boomtank Coaching Episode

In this episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I summarize a simple framework to repurpose your business content for maximum exposure, to reach your ideal clients and customers. I explore taking one piece of content and distributing it in a variety of ways for maximum exposure on 10+ platforms/audiences. This is a true time-saver in terms of creating content for your different platforms.

I recap terrific content creation and distribution advice from my podcast interview with Millionaire Business Coach Michele Scism in Epsiode 16 of this show – and add some pieces to it. If you have not listened to Episode 16 with her, go catch it. She is a business powerhouse!

How can you and your business best repurpose your existing content to save the wear and tear on you? Producing really great content is so rewarding business wise, but it is time consuming. The deeper and better your content however, and the more it helps others and truly showcases your expertise – the better. This is what will allow you, as Mega-Business Coach Ali Brown’s says, to boldly stand apart from the crowded online  business space. Especially the “services offered” space – like coaching – which she says is caught in “the launch bubble”. In the “bubble”, it seems everyone is launching a product or service. You need to immediately differentiate yourself from the online crowd and do it always. You do that with great, valuable content widely distributed.

A big takeaway from my Michele Scism interview is that blogging is not dead. It is huge and Google loves it! Michele’s strategy is time tested and has resulted in her appearing on something close to 21 pages on Google, with just her articles alone. Her name appears at the top of a google search list when people type in any keyword related to what she does in her business. Don’t worry if you are not a writer. You can repurpose another way to your blog with great results. I cover that in the episode too.

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Today, think about the varied ways you can repurpose one piece of content and do it this week and every week. Track your progess, see what’s working, adjust as needed but keep doing it Michele style!

Tune in, learn and enjoy!

~ Carolyn
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