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BBS 030: National Branding Expert And Online Business Superstar, Jenna Soard

In this episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I interview National Branding Expert and Online Business Superstar, Jenna Soard.  She is a branding and design expert extraordinaire. Her consuming passion is helping entrepreneurs find their confidence through developing design, branding and course creation skills. She has worked for Nike and as a Professor of Branding, Design and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon and Forbes School of Business. She routinely has six-figure launches of her cutting-edge programs and courses.

Jenna shares big business insights you can use. She talks branding, course creation and getting your course offers tested and launched, the right way. She talks Gary Vaynerchuck – yes, Gary V. recently coached her. She shares highlights of their time together and what the future might hold for she and VaynerMedia, as a result of that time together.

Jenna is a thought leader and proven business expert, who does things differently. You’ll want to join her email list for crazy great offers, no one in the online space is offering. This year, she offered her personal coaching clients new BETA programs, to her email audience of 15,000 female entrepreneurs at no cost. It was a wild success for her clients and those who signed on to take the BETA courses.

Check out Jenna’s website here:

Here’s a link to the book Jenna mentioned during the episode.  The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams. (affiliate link)
Tune in and enjoy this branding phenom!


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