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BBS 083: Power Marketing, With Top Digital Marketer Luke Nesler

On this episode of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast, my guest is top digital marketer Luke Nesler of Impakt

Luke has run top Facebook and Instagram online ad campaigns nationally. In this episode, Luke offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the kind of work his multi-million dollar media and digital marketing company does, having supported massive brands like Major League Baseball, NBC Sports, Nissan Corporation and others. Luke is also show host of the hit podcast ‘Attention Equals Dollars’ and is a recognized media personality. Weekly, he helps companies – large and small – understand the amazing power of highly targeted modern-day social media ad spends to gain massive exposure with resulting large scale and profit. Some of his clients have a monthly ‘ad spend’ of $100k+. We talk targeted social media and what you should be doing now in your business, lead/sales generation, brand awareness, video content marketing and web development — on a grand media scale — to win BIG in business today.

Luke was $30,000 in debt, sleeping on his office floor with the threat of losing his business in 2012, when he realized his problem was ‘not having the attention of his customers’. Luke then powered into social media and turned it all around, creating massive wins for his company and clients. It’s a great story of business triumph with lots of equally great lessons for you. His online marketing advice for you is priceless.  Of course, we talk ‘business success and happiness’ too. It’s another GREAT interview.

Note: This is the audio from my ‘Winning In Business LIVE’ Facebook livestream show, where Luke was a featured guest. Catch that show for the summer months, Tuesdays Noon EST. You can watch that livestream here.

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