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BBS 084: Million Dollar Product Inventor, Donteacia Seymore

On this episode of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast, my guest is Donteacia Seymore, a million dollar product creator. She is on track for additional millions in revenue, helping inventors take their inventions to market. Specifically, Donteacia helps inventors build, fund and launch their products. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, The Business Journal, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Product Hunt and more. Hear her talk about her own invention, valued at 2.1 million dollars when she licensed it to an international cycling company. We talk the full product invention cycle, how inventors ‘win in business’ – SUCCESS and HAPPINESS too. It’s another GREAT interview.

Note: This is the audio from my ‘Winning In Business LIVE’ Facebook livestream show, where Donteacia was a featured guest. Catch that show for the summer months, Tuesdays Noon EST. You can watch that livestream here.

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